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Hollywood Scandals (TV-14)

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Celebrity Arrests

Highly publicized arrests and legal indiscretions have become Hollywood’s new obsession – with everyone eager to judge the scandals from the sidelines. As technology has evolved, the media encroaches on stars’ private lives more than ever before. Mug shots, trials, and dirty laundry are paraded before the public – creating a celebrity’s worst nightmare.


Celebrity Sex Tapes

Scandalous home videos are exposing Hollywood celebrities’ most intimate moments. While celebrity sex tapes once threatened to destroy careers, they now catapult D-level stars... into superstars. How did Hollywood celebrities become the biggest porn stars in the world? And are they victims, or willing participants?


Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen – America’s bad boy. He’s been called a drug addict, an alcoholic and a womanizer. He’s spent a lifetime pushing Hollywood’s boundaries, and doing things that would end the careers of other stars. Yet he keeps coming back… stronger than ever. What is it about Charlie Sheen that always lets him rise above his many scandals?


Marilyn Monroe

To some, Marilyn Monroe was a goddess. To others, she was little more than a bimbo. But deep down, Marilyn was a desperate woman trying to escape the tragedy of her childhood. She built a career like no actress before her, thriving on scandals… until they would eventually overwhelm and destroy her.


Mel Gibson

For decades, Mel Gibson was one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors…until scandal upended his career. Accusations of anti-Semitism, bigotry, and homophobia turned him from a Hollywood icon into a Hollywood pariah. But is Mel Gibson the monster he’s been portrayed as in the media? Or is there something more behind the fall of a man who used to be the toast of Tinseltown?


Michael Jackson's Addictions

He was the undisputed ‘King of Pop’… but on his journey to the top, Michael Jackson encountered more than his share of scandal. He seemed to court controversy – whether it was through odd behavior, numerous rounds of plastic surgery, or even drug addiction. The overwhelming pressure to succeed would lead to the biggest scandal of all – and his untimely death.


Michael Jackson's Lost Childhood

Michael Jackson was the most successful entertainer of all time, yet his life was riddled by scandal. His fixation on children struck some as innocent… and others as disturbing. From his creation of a private amusement park to multiple allegations of child abuse, Michael’s obsession stemmed from a desire to recapture a childhood he was never able to have.


Robert Downey, Jr.

Family started Robert Downey, Jr. on a scandalous path – one he almost never recovered from. But if it wasn’t for family, he also might have never made it out of a possible death spiral. The hypnotic, edgy actor transformed from untouchable to unequaled – proving it’s not impossible to rebound from even the darkest of Hollywood scandals.


Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston was once America’s Princess, yet her career was surrounded by scandal – drugs, diva behavior and rumors of a homosexual affair. But there was a sad truth hiding behind these scandals… Whitney Houston couldn’t be the person she really wanted to be. And the pressures of career and conformity would lead to her tragic death.