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Celebrity Damage Control (TV-14)

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Keith Richards

Keith Richards is a musician, singer, songwriter and founding member of the greatest rock band of all time, The Rolling Stones. A man plagued by demons and full of contradictions, his struggle with fame and fortune will manifest itself in an addictive and abusive relationship with drugs and alcohol and the people he loves the most. In the early 80’s his heroine addiction will take him off the stage and into rehab. If he does not do some major damage control he risks not only losing his career but possibly his life.


Martha Stewart

Described as the “Definitive American Woman” of our time, Martha Stewart is an icon for millions of women as the updated, modern homemaker. A driven perfectionist she will become the first self made female billionaire in North America. But those who climb the highest can also fall the farthest and one big mistake will have her moving from the comfort and luxury of her house for a stay in another – prison. If she wants to continue to, “Do as I please and do it with ease”, she’ll need to firstly do some major damage control.


Michael Vick

Michael Vick’s story begins like many, that epitomize the American Dream – a boy coming from an impoverished background who has talents that take him above and beyond. For Vick, his talent is football. But his multi-million dollar career as the fastest quarterback in NFL history comes to an unforeseen and abrupt halt in 2007. Vick is charged with animal cruelty and sentenced to 23 months in prison for his involvement operating a dog fighting gambling ring. Like a tsunami the charges take everything from Vick - his family, fans, money, endorsements and reputation. He has a long way to climb to redemption.


Mickey Rourke

When Mickey Rourke becomes an actor in Hollywood the audience adores his quirky yet sexy persona. But Mickey starts turning down major film roles, and seems to seek out a volatile and slightly crazy persona both onscreen and off. He is charged with spousal abuse, but when the charges are dismissed he leaves Hollywood to return to his earlier love - amateur boxing. Soon Mickey’s face, image and life seem to be in shambles. But he’s determined to climb out of the hole he’s dug, and begin the damage repair.


Mike Tyson

Considered the greatest fighter of his generation, Mike Tyson rose from a poverty-stricken childhood in Brooklyn, NY to become the youngest heavyweight champion of all time. Rewarded with fame and fortune, Tyson lost everything following a rape conviction hitting rock bottom. He struggled for the next two decades to reclaim his good name, but he finds redemption in an unexpected place – Hollywood.


Sean Penn

One of the most respected young actors of the 1980s, Sean Penn became a lightning rod for controversy after marrying pop star Madonna and developing a nasty reputation for attacking the paparazzi. But when his violent rage turned on his wife, his reputation went from Hollywood bad boy to abusive husband and threatened to put an early end to his Hollywood career. Determined to be taken seriously in the career he loves, Penn must take the high road and gain control over his image.