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Fame Kills (TV-14)

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Fallen Starlet

The Pacific Northwest is no place to become a star, so a charming young actress moves to LA for her chance to perform on the big screen. But just when America’s sweetheart lands a career changing audition for a franchise film, evil knocks on her door.


Fatal Audition

New York City is a hot spot for budding actresses chasing dreams of being in the limelight, but when one rising star scores a feature film audition in the Big Apple, it becomes her final curtain call.


Hollywood Horror

A small town girl heads to Hollywood, hoping to make the leap from model to movie star. But after landing her first major role, the rising starlet disappears and police race to find her before she is cast out of the spotlight forever.


Hunted In Hollywood

Growing up in the suburbs of LA, a beautiful young woman is determined to be a star in Tinsel Town. But while trying to make the right industry connections, she gets thrust into the sights of a deadly serial killing duo.


Nashville Nightmare

A charismatic country singer knows she has to leave Wisconsin for Nashville in order to become a superstar, but even as she works on her debut album in Music City, her dreams are destroyed by a madman intent on becoming an infamous serial killer.


The Missing Showgirl

When an East Coast girl moves west, her plan is to make it first as a Las Vegas showgirl, then as an actress in Hollywood. But on the eve of her first solo, she vanishes, and a massive search to find her uncovers a grisly demise in Sin City.