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Dr. Feelgood (TV-14)

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Anna Nicole Smith

The dazzlingly ditzy reality star and former Playboy model was found dead of a prescription drug overdose in February 2007. Her tragic story is a cautionary tale of excess and indulgence in Hollywood, and how a celebrity’s chaotic lifestyle can cloud the better judgment of those caught in the whirlwind. Howard K. Stern, Anna’s lawyer and manager, along with Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, and Dr. Sandeep Kapoor were accused of conspiring to prescribe excess drugs to Anna. The legal battle raged. Dr. Sandeep Kapoor was aquitted of all charges. However, Dr. Eroshevich and Howard K. Stern were convicted in 2010 of two counts of conspiring to obtain prescriptions under a false name. but a year later, an appeals court reversed the ruling. Deputy Dist. Atty. Sean Carney objected to the reduction saying a message needed to be sent to doctors who bend the laws for celebrities. 'It's an epidemic of doctors prescribing to celebrities and celebrities dying because doctors won't uphold their oath.’


Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson: child prodigy, musical genius and deeply tortured soul. He was the driving force behind the iconic band The Beach Boys. But behind the fame and gold records is the story of a man suffering from drug addiction, alcohol abuse and mental illness. Desperately in need of help, Wilson’s family enlisted the aid of radical psychologist Eugene Landy - a doctor with an impressive client list…and unfulfilled aspirations of working in the music business. Landy ultimately ingratiated himself into both Wilson’s personal and professional life. Did the person entrusted with a Wilson’s mental health blatantly disregard the professional line between Doctor and Patient? When does therapy turn into mind-control? How did their relationship spiral into psychological abuse, mind games and virtual imprisonment of the rock legend? And finally, how did this doctor manage to weave his web around this very troubled musician?


Elvis Presley

The celebrity entourage is a highly secret and coveted group to belong to - and Elvis’s “Memphis Mafia” was no exception. Made up of personally selected “Good Old Southern Boys”, Elvis’s inner circle enjoyed the extravagance afforded only the very rich and famous: from free rein of Elvis’s Memphis mansion to jet setting in his private plane to all night parties. But what happens when the person entrusted with the celebrity’s physical well-being becomes a member of the party train? Can a doctor whose livelihood is dependent on the wealth and fame of his patient ever truly make objective decisions? Or do they just become yes-men to the star’s growing drug addiction, supplying them with their daily fix? How could a respected Memphis doctor like Dr. Nichopoulos (Dr. Nick) be lured into the whirlwind life of celebrity and eventually become scapegoat for the death of a rock and roll legend?


Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes’ life is the stuff of legends: a millionaire at 18, a Hollywood player at 21 and a record-breaking pilot in his 30’s. But when the effects of debilitating OCD and excruciating chronic pain took hold, he became a broken, bed-ridden man addicted to codeine and Valium. As he sunk deeper into a world of addiction and mental illness, were his doctors and closest allies actually conspiring against him to take control of his wealth and business assets? Were his doctors and aides looking out for his best interest or were they using his deteriorating mental state to position themselves to take over Hughes Empire?


Marion Jones

In the fall of 2007, Olympic superstar Marion Jones tearfully apologized for lying about taking performance-enhancing drugs, steroids. The Olympic gold medal winner was stripped of her medals, lost multi-million dollar endorsements, and was scorched by the press. Her stunning exit from the pantheon of superstars was both tragic and shocking. The man behind the scandal was nutritionist and cocky entrepreneur, Victor Conte: founder of BALCO (Bay Area Laboratory Company) who was anointed by the press as the Svengali of Steroids. Conte funneled steroids to major athletes from 1988 to 2002, until federal investigators got wind of his ‘side’ business and started to take a closer look at BALCO, and its founder. As the FEDS began to unravel Victor’s scheme, the evidence revealed that numerous professional athletes and Olympic superstars were involved in BALCO’s web of deceit, including track and field champion Marion Jones. Eventually, both Conte and Jones would answer for their lies, and receive prison sentences.


Michael Jackson

Dr. Conrad Murray was both friend and physician to The King of Pop. His catastrophic story represents a classic case where the aurora of celebrity may have clouded a doctor’s better judgment. Was there a real relationship and friendship between the two men, and what motivated the doctor to disregard the rules of medical ethics? Analysis of what took place on that fatal day, and an investigation into the mystery surrounding Jackson’s use of the anesthetic drug, Propofol, may hold the answers to Dr. Murray’s complicated role in the popstar’s death.


Winona Ryder

In December of 2001, Oscar-nominated actress, Winona Ryder is busted for shoplifting Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills, but police discover more than just stolen merchandise in the actress’ purse: numerous bottles of prescription pain medications. This discovery would expose Winona’s relationship with Hollywood’s own Dr. Feelgood, Dr. Jules Lusman who has been over-prescribing to A-Listers for years. And even when the notorious Doctor loses his license, this story is far from over.