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CopyCat Killers (TV-14)

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A pizza deliveryman finds himself a player in a Jigsaw-like killer¹s twisted game designed to torture and test it's victim¹s will to live.



After becoming inspired by countless horror films, including Scream, two deranged teenagers terrorize and brutally stab to death a female classmate using iconic horror movie tropes.


Talented Mr. Ripley

Like the film Talented Mr. Ripley, a young working class man creates multiple identities in order to become part of the wealthy elite – and kills to keep his lies a secret.


Taxi Driver

Driver, one man takes a page out of the film¹s script as he attempts to assassinate the President hoping to impress the film¹s star.


American Psycho

Like the fictional character Patrick Bateman in the film American Psycho, a real life egoistical murderer is hiding behind designer clothing and expensive sunglasses.



Directly inspired by his favorite serial killer, Dexter, one man hunts his potential victims through the Internet, lures them to a kill room, and then methodically dismembers the body.


Fatal Attraction

Known as the real life Fatal Attraction case, one man’s infidelity results in obsession, stalking, and ultimately murder.


Freddy vs. Jason

Inspired by Freddy Krueger, a young man tries to transform himself into the famous movie monster. He stalks, taunts, and stabs his victims with no remorse.



A real life Hannibal Lecter sets out to find human victims as his appetite for human flesh increases.



In a scenario similar to the movie Heathers, three best friends turn into mortal enemies within the hallways of high school.


Natural Born Killers

Two troubled lovers watch Natural Born Killers and decide to transform themselves into the film’s lead characters. Together, they go on a cross-country killing spree.


Queen of the Damned

A man becomes so obsessed with the film Queen of the Damned that he murders his friend, eats part of his body, and drinks his blood in an effort to achieve immortality.



A Gulf War Veteran turns his Rambo-like fantasy into reality when he declares war on the entire Los Angeles Police Department.