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National Enquirer Investigates (TV-14)

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Britney Spears

Since 2008, Britney’s life has been controlled by her father and a court-approved conservatorship after an epic public meltdown where she shaved her head, attacked paparazzi with an umbrella and was arrested for a hit and run. Now, nine years later, the fifth-highest earning female musician has a Vegas residency and appears to be more in control than ever – yet she under the control of her father. Is she still a danger to herself or is she finally ready to make it on her own? The National Enquirer team investigates the real reason the court continues to keep Britney under her father’s control, and the shocking reason he tried to keep Britney from having her day in court.


Charles Manson

He is one of the most notorious killers in history: Charles Manson, the cult leader who convinced his “family” of followers to go on a gory killing spree in the Los Angeles area in the summer of ’69. Among the victims were Sharon Tate, actress and pregnant wife of director Roman Polanski, and coffee fortune heiress Abigail Folger. The cult killers wrote “Pig” and “Helter Skelter” in the victims’ blood on the walls, trying to incite a race war in a summer of racial turmoil. Four decades after the murders, Charles Manson may be on his deathbed. The National Enquirer investigates how Manson continues to control his “family” from prison, how he funds the cause by selling his sick memorabilia, and how he continues to seduce young women to do his bidding – all from behind bars!


Dolly Parton

For fifty years Dolly Parton has worked her way up in the music business to become a legendary country music icon, but despite her success she has managed to keep her private life out of the public view. An impoverished girl in Appalachia, Dolly went on to transform the country music industry, all while married to her elusive husband Carl Dean. Throughout her meteoric rise, National Enquirer chronicles the rumors of scandalous affairs, the shocking plastic surgeries, health scares, and more as the star perseveres despite the odds.


Jodi Arias

More than six years after Travis Alexander was found brutally murdered, his ex-girlfriend Jodi Arias may be close to winning her freedom thanks to a shocking twist in the case. During the trial, Jodi’s mom approached the National Enquirer with shocking letters she claimed proved Travis’ sexual deviance. Now, the accused murderess’ lawyers claim a detective intentionally destroyed damning evidence that Alexander visited child porn sites, which is not only a despicable miscarriage of justice – but, should also overturn her murder conviction. Supporters of both Jodi and Travis respond to the controversial claims, as Jodi continues to make headlines, even from prison.


Miley Cyrus

From Disney stardom to pop-tart, we look at how Miley Cyrus broke out from her Hannah Montana role to rogue and rowdy Miley. In January of 2015 National Enquirer published one of its most shocking covers ever: former Disney diva and twerking enthusiast Miley Cyrus surrounded by marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Is Miley destined to crash and burn like so many child stars before her, or has she found herself despite the harsh spotlight of fame?


Rihanna & Chris Brown

Two star-crossed lovers who shot to fame at a young age, Rihanna and Chris both had childhoods marred by domestic violence. As their careers grew and their relationship blossomed, it seemed the power couple was destined for greatness. But rumors of cheating and jealousy would result in tragedy. On February 7, 2009, Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna on the way home from a pre-Grammy party. Fans rallied behind Rihanna and turned on Brown, but it soon became clear that the relationship was not over yet. From bar brawls with Drake to scandalous social media posts, National Enquirer follows the tangled web endlessly connecting Rihanna and Chris Brown.