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National Enquirer Investigates (TV-14)

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Elvis Presley

He was simply “The King” - the original Rock God– as a cultural icon, his status is undeniable. But it’s a legacy that’s also left tainted by his descent into a drug addicted, jumpsuit-clad parody of his former hip-shaking, barrier-shattering self – a descent that left the superstar dead at the age of forty-two. According to the official story, the singer who left America All Shook Up died of heart disease. But is that the real story? Or was his death a tragic overdose? Did he fake his own death? Or was it even possible that the Viva Las Vegas star was actually murdered by the mob? Now, through exclusive reporting from the National Enquirer, we’ll investigate nearly four decades of rumor and speculation to unravel the mystery.


Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

The sudden, tragic deaths of a mother and daughter –three years apart and under eerily similar circumstances – are one of the music industry’s most incredible mysteries. But did beloved singer Whitney Houston accidentally drown? And, almost three years to the day after her mother’s death, did her daughter Bobbi Kristina suffer the exact same fate? Or are their deaths more than a heartbreaking coincidence? From the moment both women were found dead, rumors began surfacing: was the award-winning singer’s death due to a drug overdose? Was her daughter so distraught over her mother’s death that she committed suicide? Or could both “accidents” actually be murder? Through exclusive reporting from the National Enquirer, we’ll comb through nearly four years of accusations, rumors and theories to find out what really happened.


Natalie Wood

It’s one of Hollywood’s most enduring mysteries: the night Natalie Wood plunged into the dark water off California’s Catalina Island. According to the official story, the Rebel Without a Cause star simply drowned. But is that the real story? Almost from the moment that Wood’s lifeless body was found at sea, rumors started surfacing: was the Academy-Award nominated actress having a secret affair with her co-star, Christopher Walken? Or did Walken and Wood’s husband – actor Robert Wagner – have a secret of their own? And most shocking of all: was the tragic accident actually murder? Through exclusive reporting from the National Enquirer, we’ll sift through more than three decades of rumor, speculation and lies to explore what really happened to Natalie Wood.


Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was the sex symbol, a modern Venus famed for her bombshell looks and romantically linked to some of the most powerful — and dangerous — men of her time. When she was found dead in her Hollywood bungalow at the age of 36, the whole world was stunned, and fans wanted answers. Her death was ruled a “probable suicide,” but soon troubling details emerged, suggesting the reason for her death was even darker: Was the star of Some Like It Hot, Seven Year Itch and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes actually murdered? If so, were her killers working for the mob? The Kennedy family? Or even both? Through groundbreaking investigative technology and newly released evidence, National Enquirer Investigates will uncover new and explosive revelations about one of Hollywood’s most enduring mysteries.


OJ Simpson

It’s Hollywood’s most famous “unsolved” murder: Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. The pair were brutally slain outside Nicole’s posh Brentwood townhouse on the evening of June 12, 1994. And the number one suspect was none other than Nicole’s ex-husband, OJ Simpson. But, after a high profile investigation, an unforgettable freeway chase that millions watched live and a trial turned media circus, the jury found the football legend not guilty. But now, through exclusive reporting by the National Enquirer, we’ll dig through more than 20 years of rumors, speculation and lies, to investigate the lingering questions: Did O.J. get away with murder? Or was the real killer someone else, someone close to the NFL star?