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Royal Secrets (TV-PG)

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Born To Be King

Prince Charles is now the longest “serving” heir to the British throne in history. He fears that he may never inherit the role he was born to. As he waits, the Queen’s son stands accused of interfering and meddling in British life and the politics of a nation. How has he managed to do this and what are the things he secretly believes in?


Edward & Mrs. Simpson

The love affair that enthralled the world and brought down a King. The true story of the romance that cost Edward VIII his throne and defined Britain’s modern Royal Family.


First Steps

Britain’s royal babies used to be born and raised behind closed palace gates. But, today, they are part and parcel of the commercialisation of Britain’s Royal Family. But it has not always been so - not so long ago, access to royal babies was restricted and they didn’t even go to school.


For King & Country

When Edward VIII abdicated, his younger brother, George, suddenly became king and “inherited” the second world war. Struggling with a speech impediment and failing health, the father of Britain’s present queen, joined forces with Winston Churchill to stand firm against Adolf Hitler.


Royal Wives

Through the ages they have come to define their Royal husbands, mostly in secret, behind the scenes. But, in the modern world the royal wives are expected to become part of the family ‘firm’. From the Queen ‘Mum’, who won the hearts of a nation, to Wallace Simpson, who didn’t. What is the secret of being a good Royal “wife”?


Safe Hands

Queen Elizabeth II is the world’s oldest monarch and Britain’s longest serving Queen. As she approaches her 90th birthday, this episode explores the secret of the woman who never expected to become a Queen. What have been the challenges and how has she managed to remain the most powerful matriarch on earth?


Spare Heirs

The royal children who will never taste the ultimate job - of being a King or Queen of England. From Princess Margaret, who was destined to live and die in her sister’s considerable shadow, to Prince Harry, who is making himself universally popular with tours of duty in Afghanistan and support for wounded war veterans.


The Diana File

Princess Diana became the People’s Princess, but her marriage to the heir to the throne, Prince Charles, was a largely loveless affair that saw Diana fighting the royal family she had married into. Even in death, she was controversial, leaving behind a host of conspiracy theories.


The Man Who Would Be King

Prince William is seen as the “future” of the British monarchy. The heir to the throne who surveys say most people want to see succeed his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. Why has William become so popular?


The Royal Mistress

Camilla Parker Bowles was famously referred to as “the third person” in the marriage of Charles and Diana. Her long standing affair with the heir to the throne made her one of the most famous Royal mistresses in history.