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Hollywood Homicide Uncovered (TV-PG)

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Dorothy Stratten

When the bodies of Playboy centerfold Dorothy Stratten and her husband are found dead in their LA home, Homicide Detective Richard DeAnda is drawn into a dark case of underworld hit men and Hollywood heavyweights.


Tupac Shakur

After Hip Hop artist Tupac Shakur is gunned down in a shocking drive-by shooting, Las Vegas Homicide Detective Wayne Petersen’s investigation takes him deep into the Compton gang scene – where he uncovers the chain of events that ended the life of a music icon.


Phil Hartman

When beloved comedian Phil Hartman and his wife are found shot dead in their bed, Homicide Detective Tom Brascia must piece together the tragic events that led to murder.


OJ Simpson

When police charge football icon OJ Simpson with the murder of his ex-wife and her friend, LAPD Homicide Detective Tom Lange’s investigation leads him into a world of drugs, violence and racial politics – where he squares off against OJ and the raw power of celebrity.


Phil Spector

When a stunning blond actress is found dead in the home of famed music producer Phil Spector, LA Homicide Investigator Richard Tomlin must uncover the bizarre truth about Spector – and the horrifying events that led to murder.


Robert Blake

When the wife of ‘Baretta’ star Robert Blake is found shot dead in Blake’s car, LAPD Homicide Detective Ron Ito uncovers a sophisticated con game and web of spurned lovers that led to an infamous murder.