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Dead Man Talking: The Execution of Gary Gilmore (TV-14)

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Dead Man Talking: The Execution of Gary Gilmore

This is a story of misguided love and senseless murder. The killer’s name is Gary Gilmore. His crime — killing two innocent men in Utah, out of anger because his 19-year-old girlfriend had left him. The year is 1976. The U.S. Supreme Court had just lifted its stay on capital punishment. Gilmore shocks the world when demands he be put to death immediately — no appeals. His choice of execution — a firing squad. Dead Man Talk: The Execution of Gary Gilmore is the stunning first-person account of Gilmore’s madness, chronicled by famed journalist and filmmaker Lawrence Schiller, whose reporting was the foundation for the Pulitzer Prize-winning book and landmark TV mini-series, The Executioner’s Song. Schiller’s recordings, along with interviews of those closest to Gilmore, is a never-before-seen-look at one of the most notorious events in the history of American criminal justice.