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Gangsters: America’s Most Evil (TV-14)

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James ‘Whitey’ Bulger

James ‘Whitey’ Bulger is one of the most notorious organized crime bosses in American history, not only for the murders he committed but for turning the FBI into his informants. As the leader of South Boston’s Winter Hill Gang, Bulger wreaked terror on his own community for decades. On the run for 16 years, Bulger would finally be captured by the very agency that once helped him get away with murder.


Marvin and Pierre Mercado

Marvin Mercado, aka "Shy Boy," and his brother, Pierre aka "Boo Boo" were major players in the violent street gang, the Asian Boyz. In the 1990’s, the Asian Boyz ignited a bloody crime spree known as, “The Summer of Madness.” From drive-by shootings to home invasions targeting their own community, the gang had no mercy. As part of the gang was taken down, the Mercado’s evaded justice for over a decade, hiding out in the Philippines, until the past came back to haunt them.


Raquel Hortencia Medeles-Arguello

In Houston, a city where the sex trade is booming, was an organization ruled by one madam, Hortencia Medelles-Arguella. “Tencha” was the mastermind of the biggest sex ring to be busted in Texas. She built her empire on the tears of girls that were smuggled into the United States hoping for a better life. Tencha forced underage girls to work in deplorable conditions and capitalized on their earnings, keeping the wealth for herself.


Ross William Ulbricht

The Dread Pirate Roberts was the alias of the man behind the Silk Road, an online marketplace for illegal drugs. The man behind the mask? Ross William Ulbricht. A seemingly wholesome young man from Texas, who espoused libertarian ideals, government non-interference, the right of the individual to buy and sell drugs, and who allegedly ordered the death of half a dozen people.


Timothy McGhee

Known as the Monster of Atwater Village, Timothy McGhee was the shot caller for the Toonerville gang. An aspiring rapper who wrote lyrics about his gang life and hatred for cops, McGhee was feared among many in Los Angeles. McGhee was a thrill killer and would hunt for his victims to satisfy his thirst for blood. Introducing military tactics to his gang, McGhee would gun down anyone who stood in his way.


Vincent Smothers

Vincent ‘Vito’ Smothers was one of Detroit’s most notorious killers. But he didn’t start out that way. Born and raised on the wrong side of 8 mile, Smothers started out an honors student until the lure of the dollar enticed him into becoming a hitman. Smothers would eventually confess to 12 murders, but 4 of them had already been pinned on someone else...