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Nancy O'Dell Remembers (TV-PG)

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Joan Rivers

It was tough to be a woman comedian when Joan Rivers started out, but after a decade of humiliation, rejection and self-deprecation. Johnny Carson made Joan a star. But, just as quickly as Carson made her star rise, he also made her star fall leaving Joan a widow, a failure and a pariah in show business. But, as she contemplated ending it all, she did the exact opposite. Joan Rivers staged one of the greatest comebacks in show business history with an Emmy-winning daytime talk show, a Broadway play, becoming the mastermind of billion-dollar home shopping business and reinventing the red carpet. Hollywood’s #1 Entertainment Journalist Nancy O’Dell covered Joan’s career on and off the red carpet and at the age of 81, Joan Rivers was crushing it with no signs of stopping! So, on the morning of August 28th, 2014, when the 911 call came in that Joan Rivers was in cardiac arrest after a routine medical procedure, Nancy found it hard to believe she was reporting that possibly the hardest working woman in show business would never regain consciousness. Just a few months after Joan’s death, Nancy sat down for an exclusive interview with Melissa Rivers, Joan’s daughter and best friend, where Melissa shared Joan’s final moments…and along with others close to Joan, Nancy shares what went wrong and why this tragedy didn’t need to happen.


Michael Jackson

As the youngest member of the Jackson 5 Michael Jackson was a hitmaker since childhood and went on to become the King of Pop - beloved by millions of fans around the globe. But in the final years of his life, Jackson’s music was overshadowed by bizarre behavior, an addiction to plastic surgery and prescription drugs and allegations of child molestation. He was getting ready for an epic comeback when he was found unconscious in his bedroom in June 2019. Hollywood’s #1 Entertainment Reporter Nancy O’Dell shares her memories covering the music legend’s shocking death and the “circus-like memorial service” broadcast around the globe highlighted by the heart wrenching speech by Jackson’s daughter Paris that brought her and a stadium full of people to tears. Nancy and those closest to the story track the pop icon’s legendary career and finger pointing following his sudden death including a chilling interview with Jackson’s former physician who would eventually be convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the singer’s death.


Princess Diana

She was the fairytale princess and perhaps the most beloved woman not only in England…but in the world. Princess Diana was the People’s Princess and the world was her stage. On July 29, 1981, Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles took their vows as three quarters of a billion people around the world who believed in fairytales watched. Diana was just 20 years old. The prince was 32. And within four years, the royal couple produced an heir and a spare to the British throne. But as early as the honeymoon, there were reports of trouble in paradise. Charles could not compete with Diana’s glamour and innate ability to connect with the commoner. He soon resumed his affair with his lover, Camilla Parker Bowles, from his bachelor days and Diana took lovers of her own. The War of the Waleses had begun and it grew ugly. By 1996, the Queen ordered a divorce pronto! But, though she was no longer royalty, Diana remained “The Queen of People’s Hearts”…until the unimaginable. On August 31, 1997, the world froze as news broke that Princess Diana was killed in a horrific car crash that took her life along with the life of her lover, Dodi Fayed, the heir to Harrods and son of a billionaire, as they tried to elude the paparazzi. Hollywood’s #1 Entertainment Journalist Nancy O’Dell shares her memories of what it was like to be thrown on a plane within 24 hours of the accident to cover what she calls to this day, the “biggest story” of her career. She recounts the crowds that descended upon London, the outcry when the Monarchy didn’t rush back from their summer holiday for five days, and the image of Diana’s two young sons walking behind their mother’s casket as crowds threw flowers at the funeral procession calling it, “one of the toughest jobs ever that I’ve had to do.”


Robin Williams

From the small stages of comedy clubs in San Francisco to his meteoric rise to stardom as the adorable alien on the hit TV series “Mork and Mindy,” Robin William’s comic genius was only rivaled by his reputation as one of the kindest and most generous actors in show business. Hollywood’s #1 Entertainment Reporter Nancy O’Dell says the megawatt funny man was “the star she most looked forward to interviewing” and shares her personal memories of the comedy legend throughout his brilliant career including an Oscar win to his battle with addiction and depression. For Nancy and so many in his life, it came as a great shock that that in the final year of his life, Williams was also battling a mystery illness that was robbing him of his beautiful mind ultimately leading to his suicide leaving friends, family and fans the world over, in disbelief how a man who brought so much laughter into the world could end his life in such a horrible way.