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Broke and Famous (TV-PG)

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50 Cent

“In the ultimate rags to riches story, rapper 50 Cent always seemed to beat the odds. Born in the New York ghetto, he lost his mom, dealt drugs, got arrested and was shot nine times - all before his 25th birthday. Just three years later he had hustled his way to the top of the charts and was worth tens of millions of dollars. So when 50 Cent filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, citing debts of $36million, the world was shocked. With the media, his creditors and the courts asking where his huge fortune had gone, it would prove to beanother of Fifty’s tests of survival. So how did one of the world’s hottest rap stars make the front pages for being Broke and Famous?”


Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is one of Hollywood’s biggest talents, equally at home playing quirky character roles or swashbuckling his way through movie blockbusters. So when news broke in 2017 that he was in deep financial trouble the world was stunned. Court documents blew the lid on his out-of-control spending, but there was more behind Johnny Depp’s troubles than a reckless spending habit. His tortured artistic soul and desire for privacy were in constant and damaging conflict with his worldwide fame and sex-symbol status. So who – or what – was really to blame for Johnny Depp becoming Broke and Famous?


Lindsay Lohan

Actress Lindsay Lohan was everyone’s darling. She had fame, she had fortune, but she also had personal demons. Her family life grew more and more unstable and it took a devastating toll on the young star. Dozens of court appearances, hundreds of days in rehab, two weeks in jail – Lindsay had become a walking disaster, more famous for her off screen antics. By the age of 25 Lindsay’s career lay in ruins, her millions gone. She was alone and had no one she could trust. So who was really to blame for Lindsay Lohan becoming Broke and Famous?


MC Hammer

MC Hammer was a music phenomenon. With hits like U Can’t Touch This and 2 Legit 2 Quit, he not only brought rap to the masses, but even created dance crazes and fashion trends. His natural talent and never-say-die attitude brought him extreme wealth and for the star who came from nothing, his millions were a dream come true. But his blessings started becoming a curse and with the world at his feet there was just too much on his shoulders. So how did one of the best-selling rappers of all time end up becoming Broke and Famous?


Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was one of the biggest pop stars the world has ever seen. At the height of his reign, the King of Pop was worth half a billion dollars. But fame and untold wealth fed his insecurities and sent his life spiraling out of control. Michael’s extravagant and eccentric lifestyle would cost him dearly. But if the sudden death of pop’s Peter Pan was a shock, there was an even bigger one to come. So, who was really to blame for Michael Jackson becoming Broke and Famous?


Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage was an acting legend, hailed by his peers and the public. He seemed destined for greatness, growing up as part of a Hollywood dynasty. As the director of classics like Godfather and Apocalypse Now, his uncle Francis Ford Coppola was more than a film maker - he was a Hollywood legend, and Cage wanted in. As his career took off, Cage earned big for hits like Face Off and Leaving Las Vegas. And he spent even bigger, with some of the most extravagant purchases in movie star history. So when news broke that one of Hollywood’s biggest earners had run out of money, it was a complete shock. Why did one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars end up Broke and Famous?


Randy Quaid

Randy Quaid was once a beloved actor riding high off the back of a string of hit movies. He had critical acclaim - and the paychecks to match. But after falling madly in love, his life took a dark and destructive course. Randy’s career faded as he spun out of control and his life descended into eccentricity and financial ruin. So, who was really to blame for Randy Quaid ending up, Broke and Famous?



With iconic smash hits Waterfalls, No Scrubs and Creep, TLC remains one of the top selling girl bands of all time, second only to the Spice Girls. Yet behind their meteoric rise and phenomenal success lay a shocking secret - at the height of the fame, while their music was making tens of millions of dollars, the band was bankrupt. So how did TLC, one of the world’s first superstar all-girl bands end up Broke and Famous?


Toni Braxton

Grammy Award-winning artist Toni Braxton was one of the most successful singers of her time, but she was a superstar with superstar spending habits. Despite selling millions of albums, her extravagant habit left her with shockingly little to show for her success and, hot on the heels of stardom, came a humiliating, public bankruptcy. Incredibly, Toni fought back – only for disaster to strike again. So, who was really to blame for Toni Braxton becoming Broke and Famous?


Tori Spelling

Actress and reality star Tori Spelling was born into the lap of luxury in one of Hollywood’s wealthiest families. From a young age, she was taught that love meant showering someone with endless money and lavish gifts, leading this Beverly Hills princess to develop a reckless spending habit. But when she was sensationally cut out of her inheritance and work proved hard to find, Tori’s addiction to spending would turn her life into a never-ending financial crisis. So, who was really to blame for Tori Spelling becoming Broke and Famous?