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Stalker Files (TV-14)

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Jodie Foster

In this episode of The Stalker Files, the notorious stalking tale of Jodie Foster by John Hinckley Jr. A man whose obsession with a Robert De Niro movie character gave him the deranged idea that murdering a President was the way to Foster’s heart. With insight from renowned Forensic Psychologist Reid Meloy and Award winning author Del Quentin Wilber. Catch the minute-by-minute journey of the day Jodie Foster’s stalker shot Reagan.



From the moment we laid eyes on Madonna—with fishnet stockings, trademark headband and fingerless lace gloves—she had us under her spell. But she also attracted the attention of a very dangerous man. In 1995, Madonna’s life would be put on the line when a man with a laundry list of mental health problems would come knocking on her door. With first hand accounts from Basil “Steve” Stephens the man who nearly killed stalker Robert Hoskins on Madonna’s property to exclusive footage filmed by the psychotic stalker himself. The Stalker Files…Madonna is the story of a celebrity stalker case that ends in violence and the psychological torture of the Material Girl.


Michael Douglas

In this episode of The Stalker Files, its a case of life imitating art when Fatal Attraction star Michael Douglas and wife Catherine Zeta-Jones come face to face with their real life stalker. Crazed fan Dawnette Knight took violence to new heights when she threatened to slice Zeta-Jones “up like meat on a bone” and drove her to an emotional breakdown. We speak to LA County Sheriff’s Detective Rodney Wagner, the man that helped track the woman who sent Zeta-Jones an invitation to her own funeral. The Stalker Files…Michael Douglas/Catherine Zeta-Jones tells the story of a “schoolgirl crush” turned violent.


Rebecca Schaeffer

Without an enemy in the world 21-year-old actress Rebecca Schaeffer had her whole life ahead of her. She was making a name for herself in Hollywood and on July 18, 1989 she was set to audition for legendary director Francis Ford Coppola. High on life, little did Rebecca know that an obsessed fan had other plans for her that fateful day. From first hand accounts from a neighbor who saw the killer that fateful day - to insight from top forensic psychologists - to an exclusive telephone interview with the killer himself. The Stalker Files…Rebecca Schaeffer takes us down the road where a rising star’s life collides with a man hell bent on putting it to an end.


Steven Spielberg

In this episode of The Stalker Files, viewers get a glimpse into the sick and sadistic plot at the hands of a stalker. Famed Hollywood director Steven Spielberg becomes the target of violent drug induced stalker Jonathan Norman who stakes out Spielberg’s house with handcuffs and a “rape-kit!” Famed courtroom illustrator Mona Shafer Edwards gives the scoop from inside the courtroom where a trembling Steven Spielberg faced off with a cocky Jonathan Norman. The Stalker Files…Steven Spielberg a celebrity stalking case that sent shivers through the spines of every A-list name in Hollywood.


Brooke Shields

In this episode of The Stalker Files, Brooke Shields, a star from the time she was a baby has spent her life being tormented by hundreds of stalkers. But there are two predators that take the cake. Combined John Rinaldi and Mark Bailey have spent more than 45 years dedicating their lives to hunting down the actress. Former LA County Sheriff's Department Detective Merrill Ladenheim gives an exclusive play by play on the stakeout and take-down of one of the actresses most terrorizing and persistent stalkers.


Christina Grimmie

Christina Grimmie was an artist on the rise. Making a name for herself on The Voice and YouTube, little did Christina know that a man was toiling away in silence contemplating a deadly strike.


David Letterman

In this episode of The Stalker Files, the story of a woman gripped by the fantasy that she was romantically involved with David Letterman. With Margaret Mary “Peggy” Ray’s exploits becoming a staple of supermarket tabloids, this is a glimpse into the mind of a delusional woman suffering from the devastating condition of schizophrenia, and the story of her tragic demise. Viewers will hear a firsthand account from the NASA astronaut who quickly became the next target of Ray’s unwanted attention, along with the friend who received the suicide note and heard the final words from Margaret Mary Ray.


Erin Andrews

In this episode of The Stalker Files, sportscaster Erin Andrews becomes the target in a twisted game to expose her most private intimate moments. Viewers will see how Michael Barrett went from an average family man to a perverse stalker who tracked Andrews in hotels across the country. Courtroom illustrator Mona Shafer Edwards gives an exclusive inside look into Andrews’ emotional testimony and the stalkers reaction to her tears while Forensic Psychologist Kris Mohandie takes us inside the mind of this family man turned peep-hole pervert.


Gwyneth Paltrow

This is the story of a stalker that refuses to leave her alone despite two trials and a conviction. Gwyneth Paltrow tries to protect herself and her family from a relentless stalker who travels across country to get close to the woman he is obsessed with. Gwyneth’s personal head of security gives exclusive insight into the private life of the terrified starlet.