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Sex, Lies & Murder (TV-14)

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Driven to Kill

David Harris is a successful orthodontist from Houston, Texas. His success allows him to provide an upscale home in the affluent Friendswood community, and luxury cars - including his wife Clara’s Mercedes Benz. All seems to be perfect until Clara discovers David has been carrying on an affair with his receptionist. With her world crashing down, Clara takes a stand.


I Hired A Hitman? Reality TV Defense

An alleged escort marries her client and tries to have him killed, but was she serious or auditioning for a reality TV show?


iPhone Witness

High School friends Pedro Bravo and Christian Aguilar are in love with the same girl. When they all go to college and she picks Christian he goes missing. Pedro pleads with the police to find his friend but may be hiding a dark secret and which his iPhone may know.


Mean Girls

Bitter high school rivals, Rachel Wade and Sarah Ludemann are involved in a love triangle over Josh Camacho. The teenage feud escalates until one of them ends up dead.


Swinger's Club Hitman

After Thomas Lee Sehorne and his wife become involved in a local swinger’s club, all the members become suspects when he is executed in his drive-way.


The Babysitter's Secret

When mother of two Heather Strong disappears, suspicion falls on her estranged husband Josh Fulgham and the former babysitter-turned-lover Emilia Carr.


The Killer Clown

After a mother is murdered in an affluent neighbourhood by a clown her death goes unsolved for 27 years, even though all signs point to her husband and his mistress.


The Missing Millionare

When a working class man wins 30 million dollars in the lottery he befriends the an eccentric woman named Dee Dee More. When he is found murdered in her backyard, Dee Dee Moore is the only person who truly knows what happened.


The Other Woman

Retired FOX television executive, Steven Beard, and his wife Celeste have a rocky marriage. Make-ups and break-ups seem to be an average Tuesday for the couple. But when Celeste ups the ante threatening suicide she winds up in a mental health facility. Upon her release, things seem to be looking up for Celeste - until someone winds up dead.


The Pastor’s Wife

Pastor Tracy Burleson and his wife Pauletta are pillars of their community. They offer strength and support to the members of the First New Mount Cavalry Church in Houston, Texas. In the wake of devastating hurricane Katrina and hurricane Ike, things begin to fall apart when money goes missing and affairs are brought to light. The chaos takes a deadly turn when a woman is found murdered in May 2010.


The Playboy and the Porn Star

An eccentric playboy is murdered in brutal fashion and suspicion falls on his wife, and porn star mistress. A reporter believes the murder is connected to another death thought to be an accident.


The Porn Star Killer

Former housewife turned pornography actress Amanda Logue is somehow involved in the murder of a working-class businessman. When police learn that the murder occurred at the culmination of an all-night sex party involving Amanda's boyfriend, they look to Amanda for answers


The Quad Mom Murder

When the mother of quadruplets is killed in a brazen morning home invasion suspicion falls on her ex-husband, who was in another state at the time.


The Sweetheart Killer

In 1995, a teenage girl is discovered beaten and shot to death in Mansfield, Texas. The pressure is on for police to figure out who she is, who killed her, and why. The investigation takes a turn when they look into the victim’s schoolmates. Police must unravel a web of lies to find justice for this murdered girl and her family.


Who Killed My Family?

Erin Caffey and her boyfriend Charlie Wilkinson are young and in love, but Erin’s religious family doesn’t approve of their relationship. Devastated that she is being forced to end her relationship, she is not only loses her boyfriend, but then loses her family when a murderer attacks their Alba, Texas home while they are sleeping in 2008.