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CopyCat Killers

Reservoir Dogs

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American Psycho

Like the fictional character Patrick Bateman in the film American Psycho, a real life egoistical murderer is hiding behind designer clothing and expensive sunglasses.


Billionaire Boys Club

Lyle and Erik Menendez live an extraordinarily comfortable life, thanks to the hard work of their father. Despite being armed for success with their prestigious educations and father’s many connections, the boys lack an adequate work ethic and prioritize play over any semblance of work. When their self-made father finally cuts them off, the boys are outraged. They start to compare themselves to the characters in the popular TV movie Billionaire Boys Club. They won’t accept any obstacles in their quest for free-flowing money and freedom, even if it means they have to kill along the way.



Directly inspired by his favorite serial killer, Dexter, one man hunts his potential victims through the Internet, lures them to a kill room, and then methodically dismembers the body.


Fatal Attraction

Known as the real life Fatal Attraction case, one man’s infidelity results in obsession, stalking, and ultimately murder.



Erin Caffey was well-known throughout her small Texas town of Emory as a preacher’s pretty daughter whom everyone wanted to be around. Her life started resembling that of Nicole Walker, a character played by Reese Witherspoon in James Foley’s 1996 film, Fear. Like Nicole, when Erin began dating the town bad boy, Charlie Wilkinson, her parents disapproved and forbade her from seeing him again. However, this only upset the young couple and sent them on a bloody rampage, much like the horrors that take place in Fear.


Freddy vs. Jason

Inspired by Freddy Krueger, a young man tries to transform himself into the famous movie monster. He stalks, taunts, and stabs his victims with no remorse.



A real life Hannibal Lecter sets out to find human victims as his appetite for human flesh increases.



In a scenario similar to the movie Heathers, three best friends turn into mortal enemies within the hallways of high school.


Kill Bill

When Michelina Lewandowska met Marcin Kasprzak it was love at first sight; what she didn’t know was that he was hiding a dark secret. Marcin and Michelina had different ways of dealing with each other after realizing their love has dimmed. Like Beatrix Kiddo in Kill Bill, when trying to get away in search of a better life, Michelina is buried alive by an angry lover who would rather kill than be left alone.


Natural Born Killers

Two troubled lovers watch Natural Born Killers and decide to transform themselves into the film’s lead characters. Together, they go on a cross-country killing spree.


Primal Fear

Janice Orndoff kills her husband in a supposed act of self-defense. Despite the couple’s recent troubles, no one can believe this sweet woman can commit such a grisly murder unless it is absolutely necessary. However, much like in the movie Primal Fear, her court case unravels the truth, proving that Janice has plenty of hidden secrets.


Queen of the Damned

A man becomes so obsessed with the film Queen of the Damned that he murders his friend, eats part of his body, and drinks his blood in an effort to achieve immortality.



A Gulf War Veteran turns his Rambo-like fantasy into reality when he declares war on the entire Los Angeles Police Department.



A pizza deliveryman finds himself a player in a Jigsaw-like killer¹s twisted game designed to torture and test it's victim¹s will to live.



After becoming inspired by countless horror films, including Scream, two deranged teenagers terrorize and brutally stab to death a female classmate using iconic horror movie tropes.


Talented Mr. Ripley

Like the film Talented Mr. Ripley, a young working class man creates multiple identities in order to become part of the wealthy elite – and kills to keep his lies a secret.


Taxi Driver

Driver, one man takes a page out of the film¹s script as he attempts to assassinate the President hoping to impress the film¹s star.


The Omen

Sean Sellers grew up in Oklahoma City, with a childhood that was far from normal. As a child, he haphazardly came across books about Satanism and found incredible solace as he became increasingly drawn into the occult. Much like Damien in the critically acclaimed horror film The Omen, Sean was a young person wreaking havoc in a small town as demons possessed him. As Sean seeks to regain power and control in his life, he turns to the devil’s guidance on a bloody and twisted path.


The Purge

The Purge is a dystopian horror film that explores the ruthless nature of humans given the freedom to do whatever they want during a 12-hour period once a year. Troubled teenager Jonathan Cruz obsesses over the idea of crime without consequence. He also identifies with the outsiders in the film who seek vengeance from those who wronged them, just as he felt the kids from his high school treat him unjustly. As he is encouraged to be more destructive by the other members of the gang he recently joined, he decides to embark on a Purge of his own. Unfortunately for Jonathan Cruz, his actions were not committed in the consequence-free world of The Purge.