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Princess Diana: Behind Closed Doors

Princess Diana: Behind Closed Doors

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Princess Diana: Behind Closed Doors

Princess Diana was perhaps the most famous and photographed woman in the world. In public, Diana was all smiles, but beyond the gilded gates, she was a woman in distress. Beautiful but insecure, loved but lonely. As a humanitarian, Diana shed light on the causes she held dear, but her relationship with the press would prove complicated. Though her fairytale wedding and disastrous divorce both played out in public, no one could foresee just how tragically Diana’s story would end. Princess Diana: Behind the Closed Doors, hosted by Natalie Morales of NBC News’ TODAY, provides a revealing glimpse into the fascinating and complicated life of the People’s Princess. Triumph and tragedy, described by those who knew her best. Her former bodyguard, bridesmaid, friends and others share intimate memories of Diana, a woman who not only changed the Monarchy, but the world. Though the Princess is gone, she will never be forgotten.