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Ludwig Fainberg

In the 1990s, Ludwig “Tarzan” Fainberg became a middleman between two of the most dangerous criminal organizations in the world, buying abandoned Cold War vessels from the Russian Mafiya and selling them to Colombia’s Medellin Cartel. Cold War vessels like former Soviet gunships…and a 90-ft submarine.


Mery Valencia

One of the few women to rise up the ranks of the dangerous Cali Cartel, Mery Valencia trafficked tons of cocaine into the U.S. The mastermind became a fugitive in 1992 and remained elusive, continuing her illegal operations under the nose of authorities throughout the U.S. for years, until she made one crucial mistake….


Rances Ulices Amaya

Rances Ulices Amaya was the leader of a sex trafficking enterprise, exploiting young girls and using the money generated to send back to El Salvador and his machete-carrying gang MS-13. But eventually it would be the victims that would prove stronger than their captor…


Alex Rudaj

Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, Albanian immigrant Alex ‘Uncle’ Rudaj did what no other gangster had done before – or since – muscle in on Italian Mafia territory and turn his gang into a “sixth family” of organized crime.


Best Friends Gang

Demetrius Holloway quickly rose to become one of Detroit’s most notorious drug kingpins with the help of a gang started by four brothers known as the Best Friends. But when the Best Friends decide to go into business for themselves, childhood friends become bitter ��� and deadly – enemies.


Cheng Chui Ping

For two decades, Cheng Chui Ping made a fortune trafficking cargo from Communist China to the United States. But her cargo wasn’t drugs; it was humans. Find out how this unassuming woman became what authorities called “the mother of all snakeheads.


Demetrius & Terry Flenory (BMF)

The patriarchs of the Black Mafia Family were two brothers from Detroit who controlled one of the biggest cocaine distribution gangs in the U.S. But when Demetrius moves from the shadows of the underworld to the spotlight of the Atlanta hip hop scene, the brothers’ relationship, and BMF, starts to unravel


Dustin Honken

Dustin Honken was a mastermind chemist who made and sold a deadly concoction of crystal methamphetamine. But the federal government would accuse him of much more than that when two of the key witnesses in the case against him suddenly disappeared…


James Spencer Springette

James Spencer Springette went from selling juice to tourists on the island of St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands to distributing thousands of kilos of cocaine into the United States. Find out how “Jimmy the Juice” found himself on the FBI’s top ten list of most wanted fugitives, right next to Osama bin Laden.


Juan Ramon Matta Ballesteros

By connecting the Mexican and Colombian drug cartels, Ballesteros became one of the most powerful drug lords south of the border. But state lines mean nothing to U.S. law enforcement when he orders the torture and murder of one of their own…