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Aryan Brotherhood of Texas

The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas, also known as the ABT, was a violent white supremacist gang that boasted thousands of members inside and outside of prison throughout Texas and the U.S. Though formed in prison to protect themselves against other races, most of the gang’s violence outside of prison was inflicted upon its own members who betrayed the gang in any way. The ABT’s mantra is “God forgives, Brothers don’t.” Ultimately, the loyalty the ABT demanded was nowhere to be found, as members helped put the gang right back behind the prison walls where they first formed.


Bruce Johnston

The Johnston Gang was a family affair, consisting of Bruce Johnston Sr. and his brothers David and Norman Johnston. The gang terrorized the Mason-Dixon Line throughout the 1970s, burglarizing and intimidating victims, and raking in millions of dollars in the process. But when Bruce Johnston Sr. decided to bring his son into the family business, it would prove to be a deadly mistake.


Danny Greene

Danny Greene was a notorious underworld figure. He was a union boss, an embezzler, a Mafia enforcer and an FBI informant. He considered himself a Celtic Warrior, patterned after his beloved Irish lore, and started a war with the Cleveland Mafia, playing with fire until his Irish luck ran out.


David Thai

David Thai was the leader of the Born to Kill gang, a group of ruthless young men who terrorized Chinatown. The gang extorted shop owners too fearful to turn to police, and even started a war with the long-standing gangs in the area. There was only one way to stop the havoc David Thai started, through an informant in his own gang.


Harvey Hustlers

The Harvey Hustlers were a notorious gang that dominated the streets of Harvey, New Orleans for three decades. The gang had a virtual monopoly over the illegal drug trade in the area and were believed to be responsible for at least 45 homicides. The Harvey Hustlers were known for two sets of brothers: leader David Williams aka “Mr. Harvey” and his brother Rob, and the leaders of their enforcement arm, “Murder Squad,” Melvin and Jermaine Hudson. Together, they eliminated their competition, and soon, each other.


John Gotti

John Gotti was the last of the classic gangsters, the “Boss of Bosses” of New York City’s five Mafia families. Unlike other Mafia chiefs, Gotti broke all the rules by reveling in the spotlight and capturing the public’s admiration. But behind the scenes, he ran a multi-million dollar illegal operation that thrived on prostitution, extortion, gambling, theft and drugs. He also left a trail of dead bodies of those that had dared cross him. Seemingly untouchable, the so-called “Teflon Don” would eventually be crossed by one of his own, an unprecedented betrayal that would lead to the demise of the Mafia Boss and the collapse of the Mafia itself.


Juan Garcia Abrego

Juan Garcia Abrego was the leader of the Gulf Cartel, one of the most violent and lucrative drug cartels in Mexican history. After aligning with the Cali Cartel of Colombia, Garcia Abrego’s cocaine smuggling empire grew to an estimated $10 billion. Despite his nickname, “The Doll,” Garcia Abrego was brutal in his violence. He was suspected of ordering dozens of killings; victims reportedly included rival drug traffickers and journalists. He spent years on the run from law enforcement, much of it, hiding in plain sight. But his days on the run would be numbered…


Kaboni Savage

Kaboni Savage was a ruthless drug dealer and murderer whose drug ring pushed hundreds of kilos of cocaine onto the streets of North Philadelphia and made him millions of dollars for nearly a decade. Living up to his name, Savage committed murder to protect his interests, even against his rivals’ families. But it would be Savage’s own words that would ultimately seal his fate.


Mafia Cops

Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa were two men who had sworn to protect and serve, but instead provided their Mafia cohorts with vital confidential information - earning them the nickname, “The Mafia Cops.” The dirty cops would soon cross the thin blue line from co-conspirators to cold-blooded murderers. A badge tarnished by greed, power and murder, and the distinction as the most corrupt cops in the history of the New York Police Department, would ultimately be their legacy.


OG Mack (Omar Portee)

Omar Portee, aka OG Mack, reportedly formed the East Coast faction of the Bloods. Portee got his education in gang life by watching the notorious street gang operate on the West Coast, and then brought the knowledge back home to the Bronx, and specifically, Rikers Island. The infamous prison is where Portee would create the United Blood Nation, and soon watch it spread throughout the East Coast.


Richard "Iceman" Kuklinski

Richard Kuklinski was one of the most notorious killers in American history, convicted of the murders of four people, but likely responsible for dozens more. Initially a hit man for the Mafia, Kuklinski would eventually carry out hits of his own. Dubbed the “Iceman” after authorities learned he had brazenly frozen the body of a victim for two years in his freezer to conceal the time of death; it would take an equally bold undercover agent to take down this cold-blooded killer.


Sammy the Bull

Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano is the most notorious turncoat in Mafia history. Once a loyal Underboss for John Gotti in the Gambino Crime Family, Gravano would do anything for his boss. But it would be John Gotti himself that would get the Bull to change his mind.


The Ghost: Anibal Mustelier

Anibal Mustelier was considered amongst the most dangerous criminals of the Cocaine Cowboy days in Miami. Suspected of multiple assassinations and the mastermind behind elaborate bank and jewelry heists, Mustelier escaped law enforcement for 26 years, earning him the nickname “The Ghost”.


Vito Rizzuto

Vito Rizzuto was the head of the Montreal Mafia, overseeing a multi-million dollar international empire reportedly fueled by drug trafficking, money laundering and construction fraud. Despite the high levels of drugs his organization pushed onto U.S. streets, Rizzuto was seemingly impossible to take down. But through a series of unprecedented events, one act from his past would eventually come back to haunt the so-called “Canadian Teflon Don”.