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Alec Baldwin & Kim Basinger

Baldwin and Basinger – a beautiful, glamorous, seemingly perfect couple that generated envy all across Hollywood. But beneath their pearly white smiles and glamorous appearance a highly dysfunctional relationship loomed. The two got together in 1991 after co-starring in The Marrying Man in which Baldwin played a playboy and Basinger a sultry nightclub singer. This appeared to be a textbook case of art imitating life as their on-screen chemistry seemed obvious to everybody. But almost right from the start their romance was rocky and filled with high-octane arguments and the two quickly grew apart. In 1992, Basinger is forced to file for bankruptcy after backing out of a movie role. By 2001, the couple is kaput. But – the most dramatic, most scandalous and most explosive arguments were still to come. The split reaches a pinnacle with the voicemail heard ‘round the world – Baldwin’s scathing message to his daughter which will haunt him for years and years to come. But do we know all there is to know about this hotheaded pair?


Arnold & Maria

After meeting at a celebrity tennis match hosted by Eunice Shriver, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver quickly became inseparable – despite his reputation as a notorious womanizer. While Shriver is a respected journalist, Schwarzenegger becomes one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. The action star then makes a surprising turn taking a run at politics and becomes the governor of California. On the surface, Shriver is an ideal political spouse and the couple’s marriage seems rock solid until a shocking secret emerged. Shriver’s world would come crashing down in 2011 when it is revealed Schwarzenegger has a secret child with the family housekeeper. This is an affair that has been going on under her nose and in her own house for a long time. The tabloids explode when the story breaks and questions abound about who knew about this monster secret – and when?


Brad & Angelina

Was this couple just too good to last? Hollywood’s golden couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, aka Brangelina, seemed picture perfect with buckets of money and a gaggle of adorable children. The relationship made headlines from day one and the tabloids track their every move and detail their lives in excruciating fashion for years to come. From the outside, this pair looked unstoppable but all illusions came crashing down just two years after legally marrying. What our experts refer to as “the plane incident” shattered myths surrounding the couple and gave the public insight into their crumbling marriage. Pitt’s alcohol abuse, the family’s nomadic lifestyle and Angelina’s political ambitions seem to have derailed the couple but there is much more to this story than tawdry headlines.


Charlie Sheen & Denise Richards

Charlie Sheen is an actor who is almost more famous for his wild lifestyle than his body of work. But back in 2004 actress Denise Richards did her best to tame the legendary Hollywood bad boy. Some hoped she could set the infamous lover of drugs, alcohol and women on the straight and narrow but this love affair failed hard. The wealth of tangled tales between Sheen and Richards includes reports of gambling addiction, liaisons with prostitutes and disturbing abuse claims. But, this is just the tip of the iceberg with this notorious pair. The couple’s 2006 divorce wasn’t any better than their marriage. The split was contentious right from the start with Richards accusing the actor of drug abuse and threatening to kill her in the divorce proceedings. We think we have heard everything about this dysfunctional twosome – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. As it turns out there is a lot left to uncover.


Hulk & Linda Hogan

Hulk Hogan’s trademark bandana look and catchphrase “Hulkamania is running wild, brother” endeared him to fans. He became the most recognizable and well-liked wrestler in the WWE soaring to international fame and fortune. But life on the road presented challenges for the marriage between Hulk and Linda Hogan. Travelling upwards of 300 days a year proved difficult for the young couple and Hulk was not always the ideal, faithful husband. In 2005, the family begin filming their VH1 reality show Hogan Knows Best but life in the ever-increasing spotlight only magnifies the couple’s issues. Hulk thinks Linda’s drinking is out of control and Linda’s obsession over Hulk’s suspected infidelities is becoming all-consuming. The couple finally splits amidst one of the biggest media and celebrity scandals ever. It seems that Hulk’s tawdry liaison with a friend’s wife has not only ruined two marriages but becomes a benchmark case for freedom of the press. Reality show life coach Patrick Wanis will provide new insight as to what really went on behind the scenes of Hogan Knows Best where he worked directly with the Hogan family.


Johnny Depp & Amber Heard

The explosive relationship between Hollywood A-lister Johnny Depp and up-and-coming star Amber Heard was a dream come true for tabloids across the globe. After only a year of a stormy marriage, allegations of abuse surface. Evidence of the couple’s violent fights were quickly made public in the forms of video, photos and text messages. Their unusual, short-lived marriage is chock full of controversy and Depp’s jealousy emerges throughout the relationship and is made worse by Heard’s admitted bisexuality meaning Depp becomes jealous of both men and women in Heard’s life. Their year-long marriage was a constant focus of the tabloids and the frenzy reached a fever pitch when Heard filed for divorce in April 2016 citing verbal and physical abuse. Photos of Heard in court with a black eye, explosive text messages and a damming video of an out-of-control Depp made for a public relations nightmare and even the couple’s eventual settlement raised eyebrows – and controversy.


Khloe & Lamar

The Kardashian family are reality television royalty. Each week, millions of fans watch their lives unfold on the small screen, and pour over details of their lives in constant tabloid coverage. Perhaps one of the biggest narratives on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” was when Khloe married basketball player Lamar Odom, after only knowing each other for a month. The new couple’s relationship plays out on the show, including their own spin-off. They appear happy, committed and in love. But – is what fans see on the small screen actually representative of the couple’s relationship? Our team of experts says no way. In reality, (not television reality!) the couple is plagued by infidelity and drug abuse. Even storylines of fertility issues are called into question. Their issues are only exacerbated by their constant presence on television, gossip blogs and tabloids. The couple’s dysfunctional relationship reaches new lows when Lamar nearly dies, after a drug and alcohol binge at the notorious “Bunny Ranch” brothel in Nevada.


Kris & Bruce Jenner

America’s most decorated Olympian pairs up with an L.A. socialite whose fame started with her ex-husband’s involvement in the OJ Simpson case dubbed the “trial of the century”. Bruce Jenner and Kris Kardashian’s loud, brash and entertaining blended family has gone on to become known the world over and generated millions of dollars. The bickering and dysfunction of the well-known pair was highlighted on a weekly basis on their groundbreaking TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Viewers thought they were getting a birds-eye view of the couple’s daily lives but behind the polished façade a shocking secret lurked for more than 20 years. Now, the questions emerge – who knew about Bruce’s double life? How much of their show is real life and how much is the family playing for the cameras? When the couple split in 2016 the world was riveted by the scandalous details but how much of a shock was it really? It seems Bruce Jenner’s true identity may have been a bit of an open secret. This game of he said/she said played out in the tabloids keeping them busy covering one of the biggest celebrity divorces ever.


Madonna & Sean Penn

When Madonna and Sean Penn announced they were getting hitched after a short courtship the media went berserk. The wedding of the pop goddess to the movie star was planned with a level of secrecy fitting for the White House. But that didn’t stop the press from quickly finding the Malibu location. Some enterprising photographers rented helicopters to hover over the site. The chaos of the wedding soon spilled over into the marriage and the couple were soon the subject of reports about a marriage off the rails with stories of one unfortunate incident after another. It was a union rife with accusations of infidelity, domestic violence and general discord. By January 1989 Madonna filed for divorce. But what really went down in this marriage? Where did things go wrong? Were the headlines truths or tall tales? Some called the divorce Madonna’s best career move. But in the court of public opinion, who came out ahead in this love affair?


Tom & Roseanne

Roseanne was known as television’s queen of crass. When she coupled up with comedian Tom Arnold they referred to themselves as “America’s worst nightmare – white trash with money!” The couple’s tabloid ready antics from out-of-control spending and wild behavior on the Roseanne set to Barr’s dabbling in plastic surgery were chronicled meticulously by the press and the public happily devoured every morsel of the soap opera. Tom and Roseanne’s relationship was far from the typical Hollywood relationship – there were no red carpets, designer gowns or mansions. It seems that the American public is so obsessed with the couple because they most closely mirror the real lives of million across the country.