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Charles Manson

After spending half his life behind bars, Charles Manson leaves prison with dreams of a Hollywood recording career. But when he is rejected by Hollywood, Charles Manson’s hunger for fame runs so deep, he’s willing to play any role he can get – preferring infamy to anonymity.


Arnold Schwarzenegger

Body-builder. Movie star. Governor. Arnold Schwarzenegger is about all things big and strong. But behind the biceps and quick smile lurks an apex predator, a man who craves power in all its forms. Born from dark family secrets Arnold’s blood-lust is as relentless as a Terminator and as cold-hearted as Mr. Freeze. And even as he achieves all dreams, he leaves nothing but scandal in his wake.


John Lennon

John Lennon is one of the most influential and important artists in music history. But the public face of peace, love, and revolution is a mask. Behind his righteous persona is a troubled man crippled by a traumatic childhood. John Lennon buries the pain of abandonment by spending his whole life building a myth. And when the private truth became public, it ultimately cost him everything.


Kobe Bryant

Hollywood’s powerbrokers bow down before him. Movie stars worship him. Love him or hate him, Kobe Bryant is the most famous and scandalous basketball player in the world. Convinced that he is destined to be the greatest of all-time, Kobe plays by his own rules – taking what he wants, and pushing aside all those who stand in his way. But in his quest to possess the kingdom, has the lonely prince of basketball forfeited everything?


Lindsay Lohan

Once Hollywood's fastest rising star, a seductive combination of unchallenged celebrity, L.A. nightlife, and troubled parents propelled Lindsay Lohan into a cycle of addiction and self-sabotage that she's been unable to escape. Now, with multiple arrests, a long list of rehab stints, and a shattered career, the only thing Lindsay Lohan can deliver on is a non-stop series of scandals.



Blasphemy, public nudity, illicit affairs – most celebrities get caught in scandals, Madonna creates them. Part rebel, part relentless self-promoter, Madonna breaks down social barriers while earning millions. And whether she’s battling Popes or bound and gagged by an enraged lover, Madonna craves only one thing: to rule the World.


Britney Spears

Britney Spears is the biggest pop star of her generation …with an image manufactured to titillate. But when Britney the brand is prioritized over Britney the person, the simple country girl unravels, with the paparazzi capturing every scandal. Endangering her career, her family and her life, she spirals toward rock bottom, leaving the world wondering who can save Britney Spears?


O.J. Simpson

Hall of Fame athlete, actor, and celebrity spokesman - O.J. Simpson is an American icon. But behind the smile is a criminal mind shaped by the violent streets from his youth. Willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants, the scandals of O.J. Simpson reveal a side darker than anyone can imagine.


Robert Downey, Jr.

Family started Robert Downey, Jr. on a scandalous path – one he almost never recovered from. But if it wasn’t for family, he also might have never made it out of a possible death spiral. The hypnotic, edgy actor transformed from untouchable to unequaled – proving it’s not impossible to rebound from even the darkest of Hollywood scandals.


Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston was once America’s Princess, yet her career was surrounded by scandal – drugs, diva behavior and rumors of a homosexual affair. But there was a sad truth hiding behind these scandals… Whitney Houston couldn’t be the person she really wanted to be. And the pressures of career and conformity would lead to her tragic death.


Celebrity Arrests

Highly publicized arrests and legal indiscretions have become Hollywood’s new obsession – with everyone eager to judge the scandals from the sidelines. As technology has evolved, the media encroaches on stars’ private lives more than ever before. Mug shots, trials, and dirty laundry are paraded before the public – creating a celebrity’s worst nightmare.


Mel Gibson

For decades, Mel Gibson was one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors…until scandal upended his career. Accusations of anti-Semitism, bigotry, and homophobia turned him from a Hollywood icon into a Hollywood pariah. But is Mel Gibson the monster he’s been portrayed as in the media? Or is there something more behind the fall of a man who used to be the toast of Tinseltown?


The Kennedys

They are the best and the brightest: The Kennedys, America's Royal Family. Yet behind their name and glamour exists another, darker lineage. Born of a ruthless patriarch, charges of murder, rape, and drugs spread thru the family tree like poison - until all that remains is scandal.


Chris Farley

Chris Farley is the great clown of his generation. From Tommy Boy to the Chippendales, he will do anything for a laugh. But behind his genius there is a darkness. Chasing the ghost of his idol John Belushi, Farley turns to drugs, alcohol, and outrageous stunts to quell the demons deep inside. Until the laughter stops – and there is nothing left but scandal.