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CopyCat Killers

American Psycho

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Basketball Diaries

1995’s movie, The Basketball Diaries, tells the story of a star student’s decent into the seedy underground world of heroin and violence on the streets of New York… not exactly a story you would expect to see in small town Paducah, Kentucky. But 14-year old Michael Carneal horrifies the nation when he reenacts the movie’s most violent scene with an unsuspecting group of students in a prayer circle. For while the theme of the movie is dark and disturbing, the Paducah high school freshman is on a quest for attention, seeking notoriety like the film’s star, Leonardo DiCaprio. He dreams of recreating the movie’s most violent scene, and before long, decides to act on his bloody fantasy. It’s a copycat killing that forever leaves a small town shaken to its core.


Breaking Bad

For Regan Jolley, life seems too good to be true when she meets a charming young war veteran, Jason Hart, in rehab and starts a whirlwind romance. But when the relationship turns sour, Reagan doesn’t know that Hart’s desire to copy his Breaking Bad hero Jesse Pinkman includes more than drugs and violence. This story will include the show’s most devious plot point, a tub full of acid and a dead body.


Child's Play

The gruesome kidnap and torture of 16 year-old Suzanne Capper ends in murder. But the story proves even more twisted upon the revelation that the character Chuckie from the movie “Child’s Play” played a dark and sinister role in inspiring her killers.



In Deliverance, a group of friends from the city take a seemingly innocent weekend trip to canoe in rural Georgia. However, the weekend takes an unimaginable turn for the worse. The same drastic demise happens to Poughkeepsie, New York history teacher Albert Fentress one night when a young man happens to run onto his lawn. Watching Deliverance seems to have disturbed deeply rooted and hidden urges Albert had, all of which he acted upon after entering a psychotic state.


Dirty Harry: Magnum Force

The perfect heist quickly becomes more than airman Dale Pierre and his friends ever bargained for. Inspired by a scene from the Clint Eastwood classic Dirty Harry series, they rob a local electronics store. Just like the movie, things quickly turn deadly.



In an upscale, gated community in Annetta South, Texas, evil lurks from within as 17-year old Jake Evans invokes Rob Zombie’s revamped classic Hollywood slasher flick, Halloween, in his homicidal quest to destroy his family.


Reservoir Dogs

Quentin Tarantino is affectionately known as “The Master of Suspense” due to his love for excessive violence and cutthroat retaliations. One fan, 16-year-old Allan Bentley, drew inspiration from Tarantino’s first film Reservoir Dogs after finding out that a friend was dating his ex-girlfriend. Allan decides to recreate the film’s bloodiest scene, roping in two friends as his accomplices in a bloodcurdling series of events.



For most people the Robocop movie franchise presents entertaining films that are action packed with violence and extreme gore. But for one resident of Poughkeepsie, New York the movie offers a lesson on how to become a serial killer. Nathaniel White has an appetite for the brutal on-screen violence. He searches the streets and bars for easy prey. Once he has picked his target, he hides his true desires and uses his charms to lure the victim in. Once they feel safe and secure, he switches and becomes the movie villains that he admires, killing just like they did in the films.


The Collector

Leonard Lake sought attention and affection from countless women, many of which coldly rejected him. Inspired by Freddie Clegg’s actions in The Collector, he sets off on a blood curdling adventure with his partner-in-crime Charles Ng. The pair built a bunker, in which almost two-dozen women would pass through leaving their fates in his hands. The chilling and astounding series of events that followed became one of the most infamous crimes in California.


The Dark Knight

On a warm summer evening in Aurora, Colorado, an excited audience sits down for the opening midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises. But little do they know, this will be a night to remember, and not because of the film. For sitting among them is James Holmes, and he’s taken a little too much inspiration from one of Batman’s most recognizable supervillains, The Joker. Intent on causing chaos and destruction, this Joker-like villain is using the latest Batman release as his location for murder, and his deadly rampage won’t stop at the theater…. for back at his modest apartment, a clock is ticking, and hundreds more are in danger. Before the night is over, a killer with a disgusting joke will commit one of the most infamous copycat crimes in American history.


The Fisher King

Socially awkward George Hennard has been searching all his life for love. But no matter how hard he tries he can’t seem to get a girlfriend. After years of constant rejection, his resentment and hatred of women grows and culminates in the events of October 16, 1991. On this tragic day, 32-year-old George takes out bloody revenge on a restaurant full of innocent bystanders in Killeen, TX, slaughtering 24 people including himself. A disturbing discovery from his autopsy reveals a ticket stub for the film, “The Fisher King”, tucked into his pants pocket, indicating George’s inspiration for this mass shooting came from a twisted misinterpretation of the heartwarming comedy.


The Matrix

Most people remember the DC snipers terrorizing the Washington, DC area as the world watched for three weeks in October 2002. But what many do not realize is that it all stemmed from a movie. John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo watched The Matrix before every shooting to remember their mission. They must create chaos to shake up and change the world that has been over taken by an oppressed system. No matter what race, age, gender if you are a part of the system than you are the enemy and therefore must be eliminated for the greater good.


The Sopranos

Tony Soprano was a man who could seemingly get away with anything, even murder. But for 20 year-old Jason Bautista and his 15 year-old half-brother Michael Montejo, one particular Sopranos episode of manslaughter and dismemberment will inspire an even more sinister and tragic act. Just like Tony, Jason and Michael will attempt to bring an end to the source of all their troubles: their own mother.



On May 23, 2015, a triple murder shook the town of Didcot in Oxfordshire, England when 21-year-old Jed Allen reaches his boiling point. Jed is furious about his mother’s spiraling relapse with drugs and alcohol, caused by a boyfriend that Jed does not approve of. Worried for his mother and his younger half-sister Derin, he kills the three in a blind rage. His misguided and intense need to protect his family stems from his idealization of X-Men’s Wolverine. Jed Allen identifies with the character known for being a loner with a kind heart, but he allows his good intentions to morph him into a killer instead.